Chartered Financial Planner joins South West Mediation Team

Chartered Financial Planner joins South West Mediation Team

15th March 2013

At South West Mediation we always start with the client. Our guiding question is: What is it that you need to move forward? As a consequence we have always been in the forefront of developments in family mediation. For example, we were one of the first services to encourage solicitors to attend a mediation session when an impasse had been reached and the only option appeared to be court proceedings. At the time, this idea seemed revolutionary. Nowadays, the practice is commonplace.

In recent years, we have seen an increasing awareness of the importance of pensions as part of any financial settlement when couples divorce. This has coincided with a growing number of couples with significant assets seeing mediation as the right way for them to find a fair and workable settlement. Although mediators have a wealth of legal and financial know-how, they are not pension or finance experts. Yet that sort of expertise is often just what is needed by the separating couple so that they can take into account all the financial implications of the different options being explored.

Cue our guiding question....What is it that you need to move forward? Well, the answer seemed pretty obvious - you need pensions and financial expertise within the mediation process. And who better to provide this than Matthew Clark of Seabrook Clark, a Chartered Financial Planner who specialises in pensions on divorce and is also a trained mediator?

We have been working closely with Matthew to design innovative and cost effective ways to ensure that mediation can be the process of choice in even the most complex financial disputes. Matthew says:

“I am very excited about this new development. Too often, clients with complex or significant finances think that the only way to reach a financial settlement when they separate is to instruct separate solicitors from the start. This often leads to an adversarial approach which can result in significant legal costs. Mediation is such a flexible model and allows me to offer my specialisms of financial planning, tax mitigation, investment management and pensions expertise within a collaborative framework. This way, clients can not only get all the information they need to look at the financial implications of different possible solutions but also can still access legal advice in a way that it is part of finding a solution rather than trying to win a battle.”

If you think mediation might be an option for you, why not fix up an Information and Options meeting with one of our expert mediators and we can discuss how the mediation model can be tailored to fit your particular circumstances.